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uPrint is an Epson-certified UltraGiclée printing center,

and adopts international standard color mode for printing and utilizes GMG RIP software for color management. uPrint has professional color management and control capacity, combining Epson UltraGiclée printing technology and diverse professional paper types of Epson and other brands to present delicate photographic works or produce replicas that faithfully represent the texture and quality of original works.


Combining professional image processing technique with professional color management to provide procedures of two color spaces, Adobe RGB and sRGB, offering photographers a perfect stage to showcase creativity; a wide range of photo paper options allow images to fully present the perfect visions of photographers.

Fine Art Prints

In addition to converting paintings into digital files, uPrint utilizes professional color management equipment and technology to convert authentic works into digital files, including: ink wash painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, calligraphy, Buddhist art, manuscripts, ancient documents, old photos, and old maps, and conducts color correction to faithfully represent the colors of the original works.

All paintings are reproduced by high-quality color inkjet printer and professional ink on various materials, such as canvas, watercolor paper, or P-Tex; colors are guaranteed to remain bright and sumptuous for 75 to 200 years, precisely and perfectly capturing the essences of the original works. uPrint’s fully digitalized procedure can product small batches according to the needs of clients, achieving zero inventory.

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