Image Applications

Wedding Photography

Professional photographers help you to capture the most important moments at the wedding reception. Replacing the expensive photo sticker machine with “onsite photo printing,” wedding pictures can be immediately shared with friends and family members, capturing joyous moments. Photographs of the wedding can also be compiled into an album, which is more accessible for parents and elderly members of the family.

Wedding Album

Compiling precious memories of the wedding into albums. From engagement, traditional rituals, wedding ceremony, to wedding reception, all precious moments will be captured, and you no longer have to worry about lost memories due to damaged files. Exquisite albums are produced to preserve the wonderful memories, which you can share with elders in the family without developing extra prints of photographs.

Onsite Photo Printing

Photographs taken by photographers at wedding ceremonies or receptions can be printed out immediately onsite, sharing with families and friends precious memories. All pictures are photographed by professionals, unlike photo stickers, where families and friends stand in front of a cold machine. Newlyweds can directly interact with friends and families, and the prints can also be used as unique thank you cards.


Photographs printed onsite can be used as unique card designs.